I bought Abigail in Feb of 2011, she was born Dec 2010. She was flown out of Fort Worth Dallas and we picked her up in St. Louis. She was and still is a beautiful basset. Heather was wonderful to work with, keeping you updated on the puppy and the travel arrangements and she also called a day or two after I got her home to check on her to see how she was doing. She was so wonderful to work with and has such beautiful bassets, I am contemplating getting another one from her, with this litter. Marielle Sanders 

Reviewer: Marielle, June 21, 2012




July 20, 2012 · 

Kind words from families of adopted puppies

Michelle Sanders- Pansa 

Just want to say Hi and thank you to Heather Winkelman-Gosnell, for going above and beyond getting little "Truman" to us. I have been in the veterinary field for many years and have known many breeders. You are definately at the top of the list of wonderfull breeders. Your care and concern for your puppys and they're new family's like I said before, is above and beyond. Thank you for making my sister so happy. She has had a very trying year. She dearly loves Abby and Truman. Good luck in all your future endevours:

-- Dan and Judy McNulty-LuLu aka Apple 2012

via email, no fb


Sent from my iPad Heather,  We love our LuLu (Apple) girl. She is not only beautiful, but smart and fearless.  The past three weeks have been busy.  We have her almost potty trained .  And I am learning to get up early again. Not fun,but she is worth it.  You have wonderful puppies!  She loves the backyard and is fine being alone for awhile.  Dan has put up all sorts of blocking fences and stops on all the gates to keep her safe.  She thinks she can fly with her long ears.   Thanks for healing our hearts from the dead of our much loved Myrtle.  Dan and Judy

“Wonderful Puppy”

*****I bought a puppy from Heather and he's in good shape,healthy and with a great personality. Really good with the kids. Heather is a great seller,willing to answer any questions you may have and concerned about the puppies future. Thanks for the new family member. 

Reviewer: Juan, March 1, 2011  


****We purchased a puppy from Heather, he has a great personality and good tempermnt. When we took him to our vet he told us he was in great health. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you Heather!!!! 

Reviewer: Dee Dee, February 16, 2011

***** Awesome !

I got are wonderful Scarlet from Heather in March of 2011. Heather kept in touch with us the whole time before we got Scarlet and was very helpful . We have a Facebook page where we can see Scarlet's brothers and sisters and keep in touch. Scarlet has been so wonderful to have in are family she has the most loving and playful personality. Thank you again Heather 

Reviewer: Jessica, June 19, 2012   

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